ICES Education

Education is a key driver for ICES, from the Masters level, through Ph.D. and on into industry!

Embedded systems are often real-time systems in the sense that they closely interact with the surrounding world that they control. This obviously places an incredibly high demand on functionality and reliability, and extreme flexibility and programmability.

It is therefore important to balance the enormous potential of embedded systems with a deep understanding and an appreciation of the challenges involved in sustaining competence, managing software/hardware integration, defining suitable system architectures and verifying the resulting products.

The Embedded Systems Masters programme at KTH is an ICES-driven initiative to address real industrial concerns (available from Fall 2010). Read more via the links in the left hand column!

ICES is also looking at ways in which to facilitate embedded systems master thesis projects, and is working on providing connections between students looking for interesting projects and researchers (and industrialists) looking for good students with special competence.