OSLC and Linked Data Unconference

The first conference on OSLC & LinkedData (OSLCFest) will take place in Stockholm on November 5th & 6th, 2018 at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. OSLCFest will showcase the latest in technology to connect data across silos using standard APIs. The event will bring together experts in ALM/PLM/MBSE with experts in APIs, Linked Data, graph databases, and query languages.

As keynote speakers, John Wiegand, former Chief Architect at Rational and one of the "fathers" of OSLC, as well as Mike Amundsen, internationally known author and Hypermedia API expert, as well as Prof. Soeren Auer, contributor to substantial semantic technologies such as DBPedia, will share their unique perspective on OSLC.

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