What is this strange thing called Systems Engineering?

This workshop gathers stakeholders interested in Systems Engineering (SE).

The need for approaches for complexity management is growing with the increasing spread of Cyber-physical systems, including increasing connectivity, automation and smartness of systems, forming of systems of systems. Here the best practices from the SE field are important to disseminate and further develop.  

A key theme of the workshop will be on how organizations can adopt SE, and how various bodies (such as INCOSE and other players) could facility such adoption.

The workshop is organized in conjunction with the PhD thesis of Thilo Friedrich, ESS, taking place the day after.

Confirmed speakers for the workshop include 
  • Prof. John Baras, Institute for Systems Research - University of Maryland.
  • Prof. Gerrit Muller, TNO and Univ. College South-east Norway
  • Dr Judith Dahmann, MITRE
  • Dr Markus Janousch, Paul Scherrer Institut
  • Dr Harold (Bud) Lawson, consultant, professor emeritus
Keywords/Questions for discussion at the workshop:

Managing SE based on the SE discourse in an organisation: 
  • How to deal with low SE competences and diverging conceptions of SE?
SE introduction
  • How to increase the awareness of improvement potential through SE?
  • What are success factors for SE introduction?
  • How to plan and prioritise SE improvements?

 Research on SE adoption

  • Is the practical introduction of SE in engineering environments sufficiently researched?
  • Are there special challenges when introducing SE e.g. in organizations with a component (rather than a system) tradition (such as in the automotive)?

 SE education including continued education

  • What forms of SE education are advisable under what conditions?
  • How can low-threshold SE education be achieved or supported?
  • Is the role of the SE manager/promoter/teacher/facilitator in multi-disciplinary engineering environments sufficiently taught?

 Time-limited collaboration in complex engineering projects

  • How is SE used in temporary project stakeholder constellations (time-limited collaborations), typical for SoS Engineering?
  • How does this reflect in the Information management perspective, what information alignment challenges exist, and by what strategies can they be addressed?


The workshop ends approximately 17:15.

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