Foundations of Cps: Where are we and How should we move forward?

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Workshop goal

The workshop has a two-fold purpose: (I) to provide perspectives and reflections on what is currently perceived as "Foundations for CPS”, with suggestions for what might be missing (gaps), and how such topics should be addressed, and (II) to elicit ideas and discuss how a longer-term discussion among experts to evolve our understanding of CPS foundations can be stimulated and maintained.

We believe this workshop is motivated for the following reasons:

  • bringing existing viewpoints and investigations together,
  • incorporating complementary perspectives referring to humans as part of CPS, complexity management from a systems engineering perspective, AI technologies forming part of CPS, and potential other emerging fields. Such emerging future fields and their relevance for CPS will be discussed at the workshop.
  • dealing with the division (or fragmentation) into topical but still related areas such as CPS, IIoT and big data, overlap between them, and actions required. We will therefore also discuss which topics should be treated under the CPS umbrella and what activities to address them should be pursued.  

Workshop approach:


The workshop aims to provide a novel format in which interested stakeholders can engage in various ways apart from physical participation. A dialogue will be initiated already before the workshop starts using a suitable discussion forum (being set-up as part of Platforms4CPS) – enabling recommendations of existing investigations, opinions, recorded statements etc.

In particular, we welcome inputs to the discussions like short position papers (1-2 pages), links to relevant references or a short video as input (e.g. 5 mins). Engagement will also be possible by providing feedback on summaries resulting from the workshop.


The workshop format will include inspirational talks and discussions. An interactive format will be selected for the discussions (e.g. a world café format). The discussion part will encompass reflections, ideas and brainstorming on the topic "CPS foundations" including novel and emerging aspects that should be treated under the CPS umbrella, as well as on how to form and maintain a longer term discussion among experts to evolve our understanding of CPS foundations.

Workshop target audience and participation

The workshop targets experts in CPS from academia and industry representing relevant (and multiple) academic disciplines and industrial domains. Priority for physical participation in the workshop will be given to invited experts. Registration to the workshop is open and welcome for ICES members (limited space is expected!).  

Participation will apart from physical presence be possible by providing inputs before-hand, remotely, and also with a follow-up discussion on the forum.

Workshop timing

We plan for a one-day workshop, with a first gathering over dinner the evening before. 

Workshop organization

 The workshop is organized by ICES, the Platforms4CPS and the CPSE-labs (H2020 EU) projects.

Workshop venue
KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
Street address: Brinellvägen 85
See here for a map! 

The workshop has been closed for bookings, if you wish to participarte send an email to


The event is not available for booking