Midnight Sun CTF 2018

Midnight Sun CTF 2018

Overview and structure
The competition runs in two different classes, Open and Student, with an open online qualifier and a finals event on-site in Stockholm.

The Open class is open the everyone and the Student class is targetet towards students from Sweden and the Baltic Sea countries.

The format is standard Jeopardy style CTF with familiar categories such as web, pwn, reversing and crypto.

The Open class is open to teams from anywhere in the world. The top seven teams of each class respectively proceed to the finals in Stockholm. In the Student class, four of the seven finals spots are reserved for teams from Swedish universities while the remaining three are reserved for teams from the Baltic Sea-8 countries (SE, FI, EE, LT, LV, PL, DE, DK).

The registration will open shortly

In the qualifiers, there is no limit on team size. In the finals, each team may field five participants with no help from the outside world. In addition, the Student teams are allowed one on-site mentor. To be eligible for the Student class, each team member must be a current student born 1993 or later. One team member may be appointed mentor and is excepted from this rule.

To qualify for the finals, teams may be asked to submit write-ups on challenges they solved. Keep this in mind while solving challenges and keep notes and exploits for write-ups.

The best performing teams in the finals will be awarded prizes.