Coffee with an expert, Safety engineering for automated driving by Prof. Martin Törngren

Can we make automated vehicles safe?

Automated driving represents an ongoing technological shift with similar trends in many other domains. However, current engineering methodologies are not well prepared for such future Cyber-Physical Systems, requiring new systems and safety engineering approaches to be established. This seminar will first briefly address these trends and limitations of existing engineering methodologies and in particular those of safety engineering. Based on a safety analysis of automated driving, encompassing functional safety, safety of the intended functionality and traffic safety, first we will elaborate a broader perspective to safety engineering and then focus on our current work on safety supervisor architectures for higher levels of automation. The design of a fault-tolerant autonomous driving intelligence will be presented. We will also discuss hazardous events and their sources, the design space in terms of redundancy/diversity, systematic error detection and handling, and remaining open challenges.

Speaker: Martin Törngren