Safety of Advanced CPS - SAFECOP & ESPLANADE Joint workshop

Title: Safety of Advanced CPS - SAFECOP & ESPLANADE Joint workshop

Time: 2017-09-19, 09.30-16.00

Place: KTH ICES, Brinellvägen 85, Stockholm

The event will be limited to 50 persons


Many advanced Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) like modern automotive vehicles need to conduct automated tasks under some a priori unknown external or internal conditions. Such conditions can for example be caused by emergent operation scenario, delimited operation perception, undetected design fault and execution failure. Accordingly, to justify such conditions as well as their impacts on the overall system behaviors, performance and dependability, both throughout the entire system lifecycle and across the boundaries of products, becomes fundamental for the success. 


This seminar aims at bringing together researchers and engineers interested in ultra-dependable CPS, particularly in the fields of automotive application, advanced control and self-management, systems and safety engineering, methods and tools, etc. The aim is also to encourage the establishment of a forum for communicating related trends and work directions. The seminar will be based on two ongoing research projects on dependable CPS:

·        ESPLANADE (Efficient and Safe Product Lines of Architectures eNabling Autonomous DrivE) – a Swedish FFI project on the methodologies and technologies for effective safety assessment of autonomous vehicle involving complex behaviors of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and AD (Autonomous Driving). Consortium: Volvo, Volvo Cars, Autoliv, Delphi, Qamcom, Semcon, RISE, Comentor, Systemite, KTH.

·        SafeCOP (Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems (CO-CPS) using Wireless Communication) an European H2020 project on safety assurance of cyber-physical systems-of-systems, whose safe cooperation relies on wireless communication, in the healthcare, maritime, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure sectors. Consortium: SICS, KTH, MdH, DTU, Qamcom, SAFI, Alten, SINTEF, MARO,FMI, ALTE, MOBISOFT.

Agenda (Preliminary):

•       20min Challenges: Systems and SoS in C-ITS,Automotive/Robotics. Overview of Safecop project. (SC)

•       20min Challenges:  Autonomous vehicles. Overview of Esplanade project. (ESPL)

•       System design and verification&validation:

•       20min Refinement verification (ESPL WP7)

•       Safety requirement engineering

•       20min Composition of components in system of systems.

•       Guarantees of safety properties and other qualities during system integration

•       20min Learning Based Testing - Formal methods (SAFECOP)

•       Example of qualitative testing with LBT

•       20min Assessment of capability of perception and communication (to handle uncertainty)

•       20min Architectural capability / system service

•       20min Decision Hierarchy and Architectural Patterns (ESPL WP5 )

•       20min Driver relations

•       Safety Assurance / Certification / Safety Case,

•       30min Safety Assurance

•       30min Safety Case for ADS

•       40min Cross project open discussions. Potential for collaboration. Open session moderated by leaders of the two projects

•       Requirement specification / Formal methods

•       Run-time safety mechanisms / monitoring / run-time assessment / adaptation


The event is not available for booking