Coffee with an expert - Professor Peter Marwedel - Drilling holes into the walls between disciplines

Drilling holes into the walls between disciplines


In modern science, boundaries between disciplines are blurring. The design of cyber-physical systems is one specific instance of this. In this talk, we will demonstrate cooperation between disciplines which has been established in our cooperative research center SFB 876 on resource constrained machine learning. Particular projects include the design of a new sensor for bio-viruses, requiring knowledge in physics, embedded systems, machine learning and computer graphics, with medical applications. A second project bridges the gap between mathematical optimization, statistics and real-time scheduling. A view onto other projects within SFB 876 confirms the fact that major research results are becoming feasible mostly due to the cooperation between different disciplines. We will close our presentation with a brief view onto educational approaches to interdisciplinary education. In this way, we hope to contribute towards drilling holes into the walls between disciplines, accepting that a complete removal seems to be unrealistic.


Time: Thu 17 May 2018, 15.00
Location: KTH, Brinellvägen 85, Floor 3, Gladan

Professor Peter Marwedel - Drilling holes into the walls between disciplines

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