Innovation Day - Safety Critical Systems Seminar “To Integrate or not to Integrate?”

This event will be moved to a later date.

Letting system share and exchange data have never been easier but when it comes to Safter Critical Systems there are plenty of aspects to consider. We want to give you the opportunity to listen to some experiences made by a number of companies and organisations. Maybe their findings could help you avoid some pitfalls.

This Innovation Day will be a mix of presentations and discussions to see what we could learn from each other and hopefully all of us have received some useful insights to bring back home.

08.45 Welcome / Coffee / Take your seat

09.00 Presentation 1 - Linked Data och Data Integration by FindOut. Findings from a CPSE Labs project.

09.30 Presentation 2 - Mixed Criticality Systems by RetoTech. Findings from a CPSE Labs project.

10.00 Short coffee break

10.10 Presentation 3 - CPS Systems in Cross Domain scenarios by AdaCore

10.40 Presentation 4 - Experiences from the Field by the Automotive Industry

11.20 Presentation 5 - Experiences from the Field by the Transportation Industry

12.00 Networking Lunch


The event is not available for booking