Competence Groups

The Industrial Competence Groups consist of technical experts within an area who meet on a regular basis to exchange knowledge and to initiate activities related to the theme of the group. The activities can cover a wide range from arranging a presentation to creating a research project.

Care to join a Competence Group?
It’s as easy as sending an email to the Representative below. The groups are open to Gold and Silver Members.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Hosting Member: KTH
ICES Representative: Stefan Norrwing Jonas Kallmén

Autonomous Systems and Platforms
Dissemination of concepts and knowledge in autonomous systems between industries in Sweden as a primary target (extendable to Pan-Nordic). Standardization involvement and dialog with authorities to promote AD systems. Contribute to the education within KTH.

Hosting Member: KTH
ICES Representative: Xinhai Zhang

Embedded Real time Systems
Networking research, education and industrial practitioners in Realtime systems for synergy; Organize events, activities for sharing knowledge and competence;  Promote academia and industrial interaction and collaboration. Ambition is National & international reach out.

Hosting Member: KTH
ICES Representative: Zhonghai Lu

R&D Managers
A competence group that consists of about 30 R&D managers at Swedish companies which meet regularly to listen to interesting presentations, discuss and exchange ideas. Presently we have 4-5 meetings per year.

Hosting Member: PREVAS
ICES Representative: Anders Eklund

The Safety Competence Group aims to constitute a shared platform for the ICES members to communicate industrial needs, emerging technological trends, collaboration opportunities and market places regarding safety engineering and assurance.

Hosting Member: KTH
ICES Representative: Fredrik Asplund

A competence group providing networking opportunities for specialists in Security. This group consists of 10 participants from Swedish companies and KTH which meet regularly to listen to interesting presentations, discuss and exchange ideas. The group aim to have 3-4 meetings per year.

Hosting Member: KTH
ICES Representative: Panos Papadimitratos

Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering (SE) is an interdisciplinary field of engineering and engineering management that focuses on how to design and manage complex systems over their life cycles. The role of SE is even more justified in the context of embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), where the next generation systems, and systems of systems, will be of unprecedented complexity. Links between SE practices and CPS thus need to be strengthened, and best practices shared. The Systems Engineering (SE) competence group operates in close co-operation with INCOSE Sweden.
During 2019 a main emphasis is placed on the role of SE in education, including the introduction of an SE module into an existing capstone course a KTH, and with workshops to elicit industrial needs as well as existing offers by Swedish universities in order to improve the state of SE education.

Hosting Member: SAAB
ICES Representative: Erik Herzog

Testing of Embedded Systems
Testing is the most widely used and most scalable quality assurance method. Even though well-established, there are ongoing improvements in the methods and tools for testing. Furthermore, the shift from hardware to software in embedded systems brings testing into the spotlight again.
What is best for how, what, and when to test? How can we maximize the benefits of our tests and ensure that they remain up to date? In this group, we will have regular meetings and presentations to shed light on these issues.

Hosting Member: KTH
ICES Representative: Cyrille Artho