ARTEMIS Technology Conference 2019

The world is facing challenges that need deep technological solutions. On 16 – 17 April 2019, the ARTEMIS Technology Conference will look into these challenges at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Amsterdam.

The digital transformation to Industry 4.0 brings with it both new opportunities and challenges. Production equipment itself will become intelligent, so what innovation in embedded intelligent systems help us to enable collaborative automation in the future? And what about the increase of the ageing population? We know that for older people, losing their ability to drive can be a huge psychological blow, but the development of smart cars can help them to stay mobile and lead more active lives. This is just a grasp of the challenges Europe’s society will face.

ATC 2019 is your 1,5 day event to participate in technological presentations on Digital industry, focusing on the technological challenges that need to be solved in the coming years.

ICES director martin Törngren will be one of the key note speakers at the conference. 

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