New Center opened for research on Cyber-warfare

In January 2020, the new KTH Center for research and education in cyber defense and information security will start with Professor Pontus Johnsson as project manager. Here, among other things, cyber soldiers who are obliged to do military training will be trained at KTH, in collaboration with the Swedish Armed Forces.
Cyber ​​warfare is said to take place within the Armed Forces on the fifth battlefield, after fighting on land, at sea, in the air and in space. Society is protected by hackers being detected. The cyber soldiers respond by chasing out the invaders and by re-launching potentially destroyed systems.
Ponuts Johnsson says that in 20 years we have gone from sending e-mails and searching for recipes, to presenting our lives on social media and using services that connect our home computer with large, comprehensive social systems and the digital society has according to Pontus Johnson has so far been a “relatively unregulated domain”. A cyber attack aimed at today’s society would have serious consequences due to the discontinuation of several previous manual services.

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