Swedsoft Industrial Open Source Network – webinars

ICES recommend Swedsoft Webinars, first one is about how to handle open source software.

When bringing in Open Source Software there is always that lingering concern about the licenses, what kind of legal risks could be brought in with the intake, and about the software constructs themselves, which security flaws and vulnerabilities could be built in when incorporating Open Source software with your solution. Thankfully, there are ways and means to reduce and handle those potential risks which are being presented in two webinars by members of IOSN.

The webinar on Wednesday June 3rd 10.00 – 11.00 CET,  will focus on Linux Foundation’s OpenChain Project which defines the key requirements of a quality Open Source Compliance Program:

  • Welcome address by Gabriel Modéus, Secretary General of Swedsoft
  • Introduction on OpenChain, Shane Coughlan, GM OpenChain ProjectOpenChain – Unpacking the Industry Standard for Open Source Compliance
  • Experiences of OpenChain from Scania, Jonas Öberg, ScaniaHow OpenChain shaped Scania’s Open Source Program
  • Experiences of OpenChain from Sony Mobile, Carl-Eric Mols, AddalotHow We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love OpenChain
  • Q&A session on OpenChain

For more information and registration follow this link.