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Behind The Scene Seminar with Imsys – Empowering AI at the edge


Previously AI and Machine Learning have been something taking place behind closed doors in data centers where it’s easy to provide a lot of computational power. Today, with all the new use cases, we want to have access to the strength of advanced AI in different distributed scenarios. It could be an autonomous vehicle, automatic entrance doors at a shopping mall or in an application for monitoring the elderly. However, with the growing number of advanced sensors, your hardware needs to be optimized to handle the enormous amount of data generated every millisecond. Secondly, your hardware needs to handle all that data in a robust and energy-efficient way. Especially if your application is mission-critical and runs on battery, like a self-driving car.

Together with Imsys we will, in this three-step seminar, give you a deep look under the hood of how to build and optimize AI hardware for different edge scenarios. Imsys is a Swedish-based designer, developer and supplier of networked control solutions.

January 20th, 2021

Session 1 – The complexity of deploying AI in edge solutions.

Session 2 – Optimize your hardware for advanced AI solutions.